Foto Santai Photo Booth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A : Foto Santai Photo Booth has been doing business on our second year, and we were one of the first organizations to “think outside the booth”. We give an open air system that escapes the limits of a conventional photo booth and makes an intelligent photo booth encounter which can oblige 2-20 individuals in a time. Not at all like numerous other “open air” system, our emphasis on expert studio lighting, photo quality, and friendly customer service isolates us from our opposition.

A : Absolutely yes, its Unlimited. Our favorite thing about our photo booth is watching people look at tangible pictures they JUST took seconds before. There’s no limit to the number of sessions your guests can enjoy and we make sure that every guest gets a copy if they want! We do complimentary reprints for all of our events. There is something powerful about printed photos, and we hope your printed photos can be a special reminder to you of your happiest moments in life.

A : Yes you can! Photo strips can be customized to match your event. We offer free customization on design of your photo strip. If u don’t know how to design, we will assist you in designing your strip and its for free. Branded photo strips can be a great marketing tool for your business or event.

A :  Yes, absolutely. We offer a variety of props including fun wigs, glasses, canes, bunny ear, princess crown and cloud props.

A : Yes! We’ve been on the front line of innovation since our launch, and continue to provide the newest features social media integration and now available

A : Yes! We offer both exclusive guest book with box, as well as, bookmarks for your guests to leave a memory at the event in Premium package. We will provide the guest book, extra pages, pens, glue and other fun accessories to make the guest book. U can add on guest book and bookmark to other packages with charge of RM300 each. If you would like to DIY it and bring your own album, that’s fine too!

A : In general, our footprint is 10′x 10′; be that as it may, the set up can downsize to as little as 6′ × 8′ if necessary. We have done occasions in smaller spaces, so in the event that you have a worry about a specific space, let us know. It is desirable over work in spaces with a 10′ stature leeway, to suit our studio lighting, however we can fit into a space as low as 7′.

A : Digital versions of all the photos will be given via email to you. For Premium Package the soft copies will be provided in pen drive right after your event.

A : Glitter  sequin photo backdrop is available in Gold, Pink, Silver and Dark Blue color. Its provided for free

A : Of course. We welcome all forms of creativity and appreciate seeing wide range of random props.

A : Yes, all photo booth rentals include a site attendant.

A : Yes, from the very start of Foto Santai Photo Booth we’ve always supported our community charities and foundations. Depending on our availability, size of your event, we maybe able to offer special non-profit pricing, so please contact us first.